"Audit Master Pro" – Patented Solutions for COVID Infectious Building Control & Optimal HVAC Energy Efficiency - LEARN MORE

Building owners

AMP Software built to certify buildings for energy efficiency, infectious disease control and provide immediate HVAC systems energy savings through optimization.

Excellent points about our software:

  • Ensures HVAC mechanical contractor accountability, energy auditing contractor accountability, testing, and balancing contractor accountability.
  • Commissions HVAC equipment installation, operation, and integrity
  • Stringent project specifications are project embedded with signed acceptance and acknowledgment of the project's specifications, plans, addendums, local, state, and national codes and standards by the contractors prior to the project bid process
  • Create your Project(s) in less than 2 minutes
  • Create personalized custom buildings, projects, and contractors' dashboard
  • Instant access to all current and previous archived buildings and projects
  • Include unlimited team member access into your projects
  • Automated report generation sent directly to you and your team members
  • Automated report generation identifies all field-testing items that were required and missed. Example: flows, temperatures, pressures, nameplate data, field data, etc.
  • Actual project field performance data can only be entered by certified energy and/or test & balance technicians, due to technician security protocols set by AMP Internally
  • Any automated project report deficiencies are programmed to catch and report any deficiency data and then presented to you in a project summary
  • Project report "dispute button" embedded into all your projects which keeps all project disputes open and current for as long as needed prior to project closeout
  • Projects listed for bid are either set private or can be listed for bid in AMP's project bid web page
  • Achieve a Bronze plaque showing your building was tested and adjusted to be qualified for a plaque, and then listed as a building that is both energy efficient and infectious disease compliant

All project design changes have team and contractor automated alerts